Basil Flavoured Tuna with Green Beans and Cherry Tomatoes


for 4 servings
2 160g cans of Rio Mare Tuna in Olive Oil
300g of red and yellow cherry tomatoes
300g green beans
a bunch of basil
1/2 clove of garlic
1 tbsp of ready-made pesto sauce
50g extra-virgin olive oil

Stampa Ricetta

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Tuna in Olive Oil



    1. Boil the green beans in salted water, drain them and let them cool.

    2. Cut the tomatoes in half and into four parts, season with oil, salt, chopped garlic and basil; toss and let rest.

    3. Arrange the cooked green beans on a plate, add tuna and the tomatoes along with the cooking base, removing the garlic.

    4. Complete with a few leaves of basil and oil mixed with the pesto sauce; serve immediately with some crispy bread.

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