Pasta with Pesto and tuna


for 4 servings
3 cans of Rio Mare 80g olive oil tuna
Short type pasta: 350g
Mozzarella: 200g
Tomato: 1
Extra virgin olive oil: 50g
Basil: 2 pucnhes
Pine Nuts: 1 spoon
Parmesan: 30g
Fresh & creamy cheese: 1 spoon

Stampa Ricetta

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Product used

Tuna in Olive Oil



    1. Start with boiling and then salting the water, in the meanwhile wash the basil and whip it with the oil, the Parmesan, the pine nuts and the creamy cheese.

    2. Cut in little cubes the mozzarella and the tomato and mix them with the tuna

    3. Cook the pasta, drain it and dress it with the pesto, soon after add the mozzarella, tomato and tuna…

    4. enjoy this typicl Italian recipe with your friends!

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